If you’ve ever heard about internet backup and wondered if it’s a solution you need, the answer is almost always “yes.” These days, fast, reliable internet connectivity is necessary for your business operations, meaning any amount of downtime could result in a loss of productivity and revenue for your business.

Internet backup keeps your business working through connectivity disruptions when outages occur.

In this blog post, we’ll explain a bit more about how internet backup works, how it benefits companies that use it and the features that ensure you experience little to no downtime.

What Is Internet Backup?

You could have the most reliable internet service connection in the world, but that service can still be susceptible to outages. Whether it’s an issue on the provider’s side, a weather emergency or a disconnect on your end, an outage costs you valuable time and money.

Time spent without a connection is known as downtime. Downtime causes a drop in productivity and can cost your business significant revenue.

Luckily, there are preventative solutions to deal with outages. Internet backup solutions are secondary sources of connection that serve as a safety net and turn on as soon as your primary service fails, minimizing your losses and downtime.

In addition to minimizing interruptions, internet backup benefits your business through:

  • Decreased stress: Losing service can be incredibly stressful, especially if your business is essentially shut down without a connection. If the disconnect is an issue on the provider’s end, implementing a back-up plan with your carrier or lining up a secondary carrier gives you the peace of mind of a fallback plan. You can continue business as usual without waiting for your provider to resolve the issue.
  • Ensured customer satisfaction: Your number one priority is the customer, meaning you can’t let your service be impacted by an outage. Consistent connection helps your employees continue to respond to customers or allow purchases to go through.
  • Service within your budget: You might be weary of internet backup for one reason: It’s an extra cost. Although this might be true for some providers, others might offer bundled packages that include a discount when you purchase both primary and backup internet services.

Internet Backup in Action

Imagine you’re a restaurant owner, and an internet outage occurs due to the power line being tripped outside the property. What do you do? If your ordering system is cloud-based, sending orders to the kitchen can prove difficult. You also can’t take customer payments without your point-of-sale (POS) systems online, so waiting to get reconnected isn’t an option.

With backup internet service, you kick on a wireless 4G LTE router that uses a SIM card to access the mobile network and enable an internet connection. You establish a smooth connection using the internet backup, and your POS remains operational for in-person dining, takeout orders, delivery services, and customer payments.

Features of Internet Backup

With the sheer number of internet service providers to choose from, you need a way to distinguish the best options from those that won’t guarantee the best possible service.

As you research, be sure you can identify:

Fast, Reliable Connectivity

Wireless routers ensure your business operates with high-speed connectivity, even during outages.

Secure Network

You need to trust that your connection and information are protected from malware and intruders. Depending on the provider, this might look like a built-in firewall and secure virtual private network (VPN) features.

Automatic Failover

You need peace of mind knowing that your backup connection will automatically kick in and keep your business running.

Worry-Free Experience

Make sure you can keep your business operational with 24/7 help from professionals.

Get Internet Backup From DOCOMO PACIFIC

As a business with small business roots, we understand how big of a setback internet downtime can be.

When the unexpected strikes, our customers rely on our backup solution, which includes a 4G LTE wireless router and unlimited high-speed data to support their business operations during service interruptions or power outages.

Want to learn more about our internet service options and solutions? Contact us today!