Researching business internet providers is certainly not the most fun part of running a business, but it is one of the most crucial.

If your small business is still connected to a residential internet service or you’re considering upgrading your current connectivity solution, this blog post provides information on the importance of implementing business internet. We’ll also discuss six key features to identify as soon as you begin researching providers.

The Importance of Business Internet

The internet has a long history, and what was once a way for militaries to communicate has become a part of the fabric of our personal and professional lives.

In the business world, consistent, fast connection is no longer a perk — it’s a necessity. From accessing information faster and experiencing better communication to connecting with customers over social media and optimizing operations through automation — the list of benefits of business internet goes on.

The right business internet plan provides:

  • A variety of packages based on the number of employees using the connection.
  • Significant flexibility in increasing user count as your company grows.
  • Service-level agreements to guarantee a level of connectivity speed.
  • Customer service that is generally more attentive compared to residential internet.
  • Strong security for your important data and the data of your clients.

These are all excellent, beneficial and necessary features to ensure your business is consistently staying connected. However, not all providers offer the same features. You need to know exactly what you’re getting before entering into any contracts.

Features To Look For in a Business Internet Provider

The good news for businesses is that there isn’t a short supply of internet providers. In fact, there are more than 800,000 to choose from worldwide. The not-so-great news is that businesses have to determine which providers are going to give them the strongest connectivity at the best price.

Lucky for you, we’re giving you a place to start your research with six must-have features to look for in a business internet provider:

1. Monitoring Solutions

Many people believe good connectivity is equal to fast speed, but in reality, a number of different features make up successful connectivity.

Monitoring your network provides the awareness of the components and data within your network. Also known as network visibility, various tools are used to increase awareness of data and other network contents.

Be sure your provider offers strong monitoring solutions, such as managed Wi-Fi, that provide trusted equipment, heightened security and leading privacy features.

2. Lightning-Fast Connections and High Uptime

You want the speed option that’s best for your team. Based on your employee count, you should have the ability to access download speeds of up to 150 Mbps.

Speed doesn’t mean much if your connection is down. Be sure your provider is reliable and offers a certain amount of uncompromised uptime.

3. Enhanced Network Security

Cyberattacks have seen significant increases over the past several years, which means you need to double down on your network security.

With advanced malware protection, you can experience the peace of mind that your business is operating safely and securely.

4. Local Support

You shouldn’t be expected to be an expert in all things related to your internet connectivity and security. In fact, you probably have so much on your plate that making a quick call is the most you should do to ensure your issues are fixed.

Be sure you can count on a team of technical experts to troubleshoot and monitor your network 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

5. Contract Terms

When you sign a contract, you want to be guaranteed that you’ll receive the services promised, and if you don’t, to have a contingency plan.

Find out if your provider has a service-level agreement, which is a commitment between you and the provider that guarantees a certain level of quality, availability and responsibilities. If these are not met, you should have a written guarantee that you have the flexibility to end the contract.

6. Supplemental Solutions

Fast connectivity is a necessity to run a business, but it isn’t the only solution you’ll need. Make sure your provider offers additional solutions, such as business phone plans, unified communications and other cloud-based solutions.


It’s no secret that business internet is a necessity in today’s fast-paced, interconnected, global business environment, but choosing the right business internet provider is based on a number of factors, as you’ve read about.

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