Whether you own a business and need an internet solution or you contribute to telecommunications choices for the business you work for, DOCOMO PACIFIC has you covered. If you are looking to get fiber optic internet and enhance customer satisfaction, there is much to learn.

Fiber optic internet is a fast, innovative connection type. These connections are quick and reliable, but they can also be expensive. For Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), fiber internet means fast, improved internet use for entertainment, work and more. 

In this post, we will cover:  

  • Quality infrastructure from DOCOMO PACIFIC
  • Improved speed from the ATISA submarine cable system
  • Our commitment to speed, reliability and scalability

DOCOMO PACIFIC Illuminated the Telecom Industry with ATISA

When learning more about DOCOMO PACIFIC’s fiber internet for business options, the first thing to look at is its high-quality infrastructure.

You need quality infrastructure that supports your business tools to run your organization smoothly. Guam — led by telecommunications giant DOCOMO PACIFIC — is vying to be the next big telecom hub in the South Pacific region. A few years ago, the company completed an ambitious project to link Guam and the CNMI — Saipan, Rota and Tinian — via a submarine cable system, ATISA.

In Chamorro, ATISA means “to increase the speed; to illuminate.” DOCOMO PACIFIC chose this name for the enhancement project due to the company's dedication to fast, reliable connectivity.

NEC Corporation built ATISA under supervision from DOCOMO PACIFIC. It consists of six pairs of optical fiber submarine cables and extends approximately 175 miles to connect the islands of Guam, Saipan, Rota, and Tinian.

DOCOMO PACIFIC completed the project in late 2017. Because of this $25 million project, the company now offers the fastest and most reliable broadband, cable television, wireless and home television services.

Speed, Reliability and Easy Scaling 

At DOCOMO, our dedicated fiber technology connects businesses through a speedy, reliable and secure solution. Businesses constantly deal with heavy online traffic and large crowds of real-time users. 

That’s why our fiber internet focuses on three primary tenants:

  • Speed: Dedicated fiber provides ultra-fast connections. With symmetrical bandwidth, you receive guaranteed upload and download speeds.
  • Reliability: This means that our 24-hour Network Operations Center actively monitors your circuit, backed by the security of a service level agreement.
  • Scalability: Our dedicated fiber is fully scalable, meaning you can increase bandwidth and stay connected no matter how big your company grows. 

Efficiency, reliability, and flexibility are a few of the golden rules of running a business—the same should be true for your internet services. 

Internet Perfection with DOCOMO PACIFIC

Due to its high-quality infrastructure and commitment to better service, DOCOMO PACIFIC offers top-tier internet services to its customers. 

The average business has eight devices connected at any given time, so it’s time to take advantage of our lightning-fast internet speeds for taking video calls and conducting business.

To learn more about how DOCOMO PACIFIC can provide reliable connectivity for your business, check out “The New Business Guide to Reliable Connectivity” for a complete education about phone, internet, wireless and television solutions.