In today’s business world, staying connected is more important than ever before. Smartphones have become such an essential part of our everyday life, making it vital for you to have a mobile plan that is suited for your communication needs. But how do you know what those needs are? Since choosing the right business mobile plan is such a critical decision, it's important to know what to look for when considering plans. This buyer’s guide will help you identify which business mobile plan is right for you.

Assessing your Business Needs

The first step in selecting your business mobile plan is discovering what is important to you and your business. The reason this step is so crucial is that it will help you maximize your plan and ensure you’re receiving the best value for your investment. Without clearly defining your needs, you could end up not having enough services or having unnecessary features. Here are a few things that you should consider before deciding on your business mobile plan: 

  • Do you frequently travel for business? 
  • Are you reliant on heavy mobile data and hotspot usage? 
  • Do you want your connection to be prioritized? 
  • What can you afford? 


Business Travel 

Do you travel frequently?  For many businesses, travel is an essential part of the job. Whether it's for employee training, a trip to meet with a big client, or exploring an opportunity abroad; you wouldn't want to be disconnected from your business. Roaming services plays a key role in keeping you in the loop and ensuring that you’re just a call or message away. Some business mobile plans offer varying roaming services and others offer none. So, it is vital for you to decide whether staying connected while traveling is essential and if so, look for a business mobile plan with roaming services.  

Mobile Data and Hotspot 

If your business is heavily reliant on data and hotspot usage, it's important to select a plan that offers sufficient data allowances and hotspot capabilities. Mobile hotspots can be used to connect POS systems, tablets, and other devices that need an internet connection to function. Many businesses use a mobile hotspot to allow themselves more freedom and flexibility. If you are constantly on the move, this is a major factor to consider. You should assess your typical data and hotspot usage, then aim for a mobile plan that supplies you with enough bandwidth to meet your needs. 

Business Priority Access  

Sometimes heavy network traffic can cause latency and interruptions. You should consider if these things will affect your operation. Having a mobile solution with business priority access will enable your businesses to take first dibs on what is being transmitted on the mobile network, so in times of high traffic, you are guaranteed to be first in line. If speed and accessibility are important to you, consider a mobile plan that will provide you with priority business access.  


While it's important for you to have access to quality service, cost-effectiveness is also a key consideration in business. There are many business mobile plans out there that are seemingly competitive in pricing, but they may fall short in terms of service quality. You should compare pricing and features on different plans to ensure you’re getting the best value for your investment.  

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right business mobile solution is a critical decision that can significantly impact your organization’s productivity, success and budget. By assessing your needs, prioritizing reliability, and considering factors like coverage, roaming, data allowances, and budget, you can make the right decision that aligns with your objectives.  

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