You’re probably familiar with the term “digital transformation.” It gets thrown around from industry to industry, but just because it’s a popular catchphrase doesn’t mean it holds little weight.

When implemented properly, a full-scale digital transformation improves operations and increases customer satisfaction. In the hotel industry, harnessing the power of high-speed internet, productivity suites and other smart technologies leads to better-run operations, more satisfied customers and improved rates of your top metrics.

Read on to learn about technologies hotels can use to join the global digital transformation movement to improve their operations.

What Is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation refers to both the digitization of assets and increased use of technology as well as the cultural and operational attitudes toward the use of technologies. In other words, digital transformation begins with an agreement across all personnel about the importance of technology.

Recently, the term “smart hotel” has surfaced in the industry to describe hotels that use the latest technologies to benefit their guests, owners and personnel. Establishing a solid digital infrastructure benefits them now and prepares them for the future as technologies evolve.

Digital transformation benefits hotels by:

Increasing awareness through digital channels.

These days, most people search for businesses online. In fact, 76% of people visit a business online before going in person. This is also true for the hotel industry, with 80% of millennials finding hotels using Google.

Hotels must have a strong online presence to appear in search engines and provide an unforgettable experience as the guest navigates their websites.

Improving product and quality of services.

Hotels are ecosystems of constantly moving parts that require sharp attention to detail. When hotels implement technologies that streamline workflows:

  • Human error is reduced.
  • Employees are more efficient.
  • Overall service quality is improved.
  • Operational costs are reduced.

Your employees are the face of your organization, so they need to operate with the right technology to make requests and manage tasks as efficiently as possible. By harnessing the power of data to audit processes, you improve overall operations, increase guest loyalty and reduce costs.

Improving the customer experience.

As a hotel manager, your No. 1 priority is to provide the best possible customer experience. Shorten check-in and check-out times with a platform that simplifies the process, provides entertainment through smart TVs, and helps your customers quickly reach the right personnel with a cloud-based communications system.

How to Implement Digital Transformation in the Hotel Industry

Unlike other industries, the technology toolbox hotels need isn’t specific to one area. In other words, it isn’t just about optimizing the workflows of your maintenance or housekeeping departments.

Your technology toolbox must cover many areas of the customer and staff experience, connecting like a web to create a productive operation and satisfying experience.

Here’s what you need:

High-Speed, Reliable Internet

In today’s world, an internet connection is a core channel through which businesses operate and people communicate.

But it’s not just about providing high-speed internet — you need a reliable connection with zero to minimal downtime and Wi-Fi monitoring services that keep your connection secure.

Managed Wi-Fi is an enterprise solution that brings your Wi-Fi management capabilities to a new level. With Managed Wi-Fi, you get:

  • Bandwidth allocation that adjusts to your needs.
  • Advanced security features that are crafted to offer extra protection to your network.
  • Automatic failover for ceaseless connections.
  • The flexibility to expand your network.

Digital TV

Whether your guests stay at your hotel for leisure or business, they should be able to stream their favorite channels with ease. Provide a feature-rich, fully customizable solution that engages guests through touchpoints, such as using smartphones as remote controls for seamless room service ordering or housekeeping requests.

Unified Communication

Unified Communications is a cloud-based phone system that boosts employee productivity and makes business run more smoothly by delivering more functionality than a traditional phone system without the hassle of managing and maintaining one.

Productivity Tools for Internal Teams

Your internal teams need to stay connected to each other and with guests. You can unify teams with a product suite that allows them to access cloud storage and business integrations, hold real-time online meetings and harness advanced security.

Air Purification and Filtration Devices

We’ve all become a little more health-conscious over the past few years. Assure your guests that you’re keeping them safe from airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens with air purification and filtration devices. These devices use smart technology to monitor and report data on air quality via an app and web dashboard.

Embrace Digital Transformation with DOCOMO PACIFIC

To digitally transform your business, you need a partner that can provide full-scale solutions at the right price.

With DOCOMO PACIFIC, you can harness the power of high-speed internet, productivity suites and other smart technologies that lead to better-run operations, more satisfied customers and improved metrics.

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