The importance of highly functioning internet service should come as no surprise to business leaders. In fact, because of how necessary the internet is for business operations and growth, many leaders believe it should be considered a utility. Business internet traffic continues to increase year after year, and that trend will only continue.

Selecting the right internet service provider requires knowledge of your overall business needs. Here are some questions to ask: 

  • Are you a restaurant that needs to process transactions quickly?
  • Will your employees need to download and upload material?
  • Do your employees need fast access to video and audio files?

All of these questions factor into finding the right internet service for your business. In this article, we help you identify which Guam fiber internet service provider (ISP) is most suitable for your particular business needs.

Ensure Speed and Reliability 

When it comes to ISPs, there is no shortage of options. Whether it's a large corporation or a small business, these local, regional, or national providers can connect any size organization to the internet. 

Regardless of which ISP you choose, be certain of their commitment to the following:


When it comes to speed, the faster your internet connection, the more productive you can be. To quickly download web pages, files and more, your ISP should be equipped to handle and support broadband connections such as Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), Digital Subscriber Link (DSL) or cable modems. 

Regardless of the level of speed your business requires, it’s important to remember that your needs might change as your business grows, so it’s a good idea to partner with a provider that has the capacity for higher speeds.


For most providers, reliability is expressed in uptime, which is the percentage of time the ISP is up and running. 

Although many ISPs have high levels of reliability, it’s essential to ensure your provider has a service-level agreement that provides recourse if services do not meet the guarantee. This agreement should include: 

  • Alternate routes to the internet during downtime.
  • Daily back-ups of mail and web servers to be stored off-site.

This last point is particularly important for online retailers or businesses that take orders online.

Determine Your Business’s Required Internet Speeds

Even if you have a small business with only a handful of employees that could operate with less speed, it’s important to consider the type of work they conduct. Are large files often transferred? Does video conferencing take place most of the day? In contrast, a company of 50 employees that only needs the internet to exchange emails might not need 500 Mbps of bandwidth.

To avoid paying too much or getting stuck with slow speed, determine your business’s internet service requirements. Here are some standard bandwidth numbers to consider that align with a business size:

  • 15-25 Mbps: For smaller operations conducting basic internet business, this range permits web browsing and email, with light file transferring.
  • 25-50 Mbps: For a five-person operation, this allows for large file transfers, point-of-sale transactions, video conferencing and other communications.
  • 50-75 Mbps: For businesses with more than seven employees, this speed allows for online collaboration with fewer glitches. Data backup capability and increased transfer stability are also a plus.
  • 75-100 Mbps: For a lower double-digit employee count, this bandwidth range can handle heavy streaming communications and WiFi usage.
  • 100-150 Mbps: For a rapidly growing business, this range can accommodate an increased internet demand — such as web hosting, e-commerce and increased data usage — and more personnel.

Regardless of your size and internet needs, partner with an ISP that can adjust your speed as your business grows.

Get A Plan for All Sizes 

With DOCOMO PACIFIC's Business Internet, businesses of all sizes get worry-free access to the high-speed connectivity they deserve. Our customers gain the benefits of:

  • The fastest and most reliable connections in the Marianas.
  • A monitoring network with managed wi-fi services.
  • A 24-hour support line for technical issues.

Your business begins with a strong internet connection. Select a Business Internet Plan today.

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