Hosted Unified Communications (UC) provides reliable communication for healthcare organizations, allowing them to better operate and serve their patients. By connecting entire systems, Hosted UC creates clear lines of business communication, collaboration and productivity, especially for healthcare professionals who need a variety of modes to communicate effectively. 

Clinicians, managers and patients can all use Hosted Unified Communications to communicate anywhere and at any time, creating better connections across the entire healthcare organization. 

Here are some other ways Hosted UC can benefit your healthcare organization:

Enhanced Budget Management

All organizations look for ways to more effectively use their budgets. In healthcare, those managing the budget are likely to prioritize investing in diagnostic or radiology equipment over replacing an aging phone system.

However, with Hosted Unified Communications, all equipment is hosted on the cloud, meaning no capital investment is required. Plus, the platform is hosted on the provider’s network, so all upgrades are the responsibility of the provider. This means IT staff can worry less about platform upkeep and instead focus on other areas of business operations.

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Increased Productivity

Outdated technology is a waste of time for healthcare professionals. To save time, reduce costs and improve performance — including patient outcomes and discharge times — healthcare organizations need to implement more advanced technology, such as Hosted Unified Communications. Using this technology allows healthcare professionals to connect from anywhere at any time, enabling them to work much more productively. 

Improved Patient Outcomes

Without streamlined communications, misunderstandings surrounding patient status can occur, wasting valuable clinician time and negatively impacting patient treatment and outcomes. Hosted Unified Communications creates a line of communication across the entire facility, reducing inefficiencies and enhancing the overall quality of patient care.

Unified Teams

Collaboration is the key to success for both healthcare professionals and their patients. Hosted Unified Communications creates more efficient collaboration in the office, across the country, and around the globe. The collaboration features of Hosted UC allow teams to easily share and simplify the complex data of electronic medical records and quickly answer questions about the data during consultations.  

Integrated Video Conferencing

When in-patient appointments are not possible, video conferencing can provide a successful patient experience. Using this form of telemedicine, patients video conference with their doctor to receive an evaluation of their health issues. Video conferencing is also useful for following up on appointments, receiving teletherapy and evaluating visual symptoms. Hosted Unified Communications provides this integration for many healthcare providers. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this integration is particularly essential to keep healthcare organizations relevant and up to date. 

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