If your company is like any other company in the 21st century, you have numerous critical operations that rely on digital connectivity. More than ever, companies are operating with cloud-based software as a service (SaaS), file storage, telephone service and video conferencing.

These cloud-based platforms streamline business processes, but they are also subject to internet outages. Although not frequent, outages can occur due to weather events, service provider failure, network congestion and other reasons. And the consequences can be significant for businesses: Loss of revenue, customer and employee dissatisfaction and security issues can all result from unexpected service outages. 

In the event of an internet outage, you must have an internet backup plan to ensure reliable connectivity, to avoid downtime and remain operational. Take a look at a few solutions below: 

What Is Internet Backup? 

Backup internet service for businesses provides a backup system when your primary connection goes down, giving you peace of mind. Your internet backup should be a different form of technology than your primary internet service. For example: You might use a modem as your primary source of internet and your cellular internet as secondary.

Because they are different forms of technology, your internet backup won’t conflict with your primary connectivity. With backup internet for business, you can avoid interruptions to operations, decrease stress, ensure customer satisfaction and avoid unnecessary costs. 

What Are the Options for Backup Internet? 

Backup internet service for businesses is also referred to as “internet failover service.” It is activated when your primary service fails, maximizing uptime without interruption to your operations. 

With internet failover, your network automatically reroutes to your internet backup. In other words, no switch needs to be flipped for your internet service to continue. Plus, your IT team won’t need to frantically work to reconfigure your internet. 

A failover service is your redirected hardwired internet connection that automatically reconnects to a wireless 4G device. Once the primary internet is restored, the device switches back. 

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The Benefits of 4G LTE Internet Backup

One of the most common types of internet backup is 4G LTE and it is nearly 10 times faster than 3G, making it the fastest wireless connection widely available.

One of the main advantages of this internet backup solution is that it does not depend on wired infrastructure, meaning if your loss of internet is caused by downed wires, for example, you receive internet from cell towers.

With a 4G LTE failover, you have the digital infrastructure to continue operations when your primary internet goes down. 

Utilize an Uninterrupted Power Supply 

Remember that your failover device still needs electricity to run, meaning if your power goes out, your 4G LTE router could shut off and interrupt the internet connection. 

Having a fully redundant system means having a backup power supply. For small businesses, this might be an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) for your router to plug into the devices, similar to a surge protector. The UPS will maintain a charge, and when the power goes out, power will automatically transfer from the internal battery to the device. 

Stay Connected With a Reliable Internet Backup Solution 

We know how important it is for your company to remain up and running, even when the unexpected occurs. To help you prepare, our backup solution includes a 4G LTE wireless router and 15GB of high-speed data to support your business operations during service interruptions or power outages.

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