Whether they are just starting out or sustaining their operations, small-to-medium-sized businesses play a major role in most global economies, representing approximately 90 percent of businesses and more than 50 percent of employees worldwide. Although many small businesses struggle to keep their doors open, they can improve their efficiencies and economies by utilizing smart solutions.

Business technology can leverage the limited capital small businesses have in smarter ways. There seems to be an endless number of devices that provide new efficiencies for processes already in place.

Although many small businesses are skeptical about implementing new technologies due to costs and potential risks, the long-term benefits far outweigh any initial investments.

As soon as you are ready to ramp up your use of technology, here are some areas to explore:

Communication Bundles 

Communicating with current and potential customers has always been fundamental to the success of small businesses. These days, it is just as important to have an internet connection as it is to have access to mobile and office phones. In fact, 65 percent of businesses use email as their primary mode of communicating with customers and clients

To accommodate multiple modes of communication, service providers have developed communication bundles that allow customers to select internet, mobile, phone and entertainment plans. By including all of these options in one plan, businesses can save on costs and streamline their billing processes, allowing for more focus on core competencies. 

Productivity Solutions 

The internet has allowed people to connect on a global scale. According to a survey conducted by McKinsey & Company, 38 percent of corporate executives expect their remote employees to work two or more days a week away from the office after the pandemic. This means businesses need to implement organization-wide systems that allow employees to connect and collaborate in different locations. 

With productivity solutions — such as Microsoft 365 — your small or midsize business can drive productivity and boost efficiency from anywhere. 

Management Devices 

As businesses become more present on digital platforms and reliant on digital devices, security needs to be a top priority. Data colocation centers, or "carrier hotels,” are a type of data center in which equipment, space and bandwidth are available for rent. Some of the benefits of these centers include:

  • Ultra-secure and reliable connection to store sensitive business data
  • Disaster recovery plans to protect data against security breaches, power outages and catastrophes
  • Access to a discrete, secure site with direct fiber links

Management devices can also manage deployments, enroll devices and control administrative tasks. Because 74 percent of customers move on from an organization if they feel it is too disorganized, having optimal operations can make or break your organization.

Tracking Solutions 

Delivery options are becoming more available in many industries, from food service to ride shares to wholesale markets. However, Amazon isn’t the only company making these deliveries. In fact, most consumers appreciate the unique experiences provided by boutique organizations. 

Tracking devices allow you to monitor vehicles and analyze efficiencies. By attaching these devices to vehicles, you gain access to numerous smart features, such as monitoring routes in real-time, receiving alerts, accessing automated reports, logging data, measuring driver behaviors and more. 

Workplace Solutions

It’s easy to equate business technology with communication or workload programs. As an employer, it’s equally important to ensure your office spaces are safe work environments.

The pandemic taught us many lessons and encouraged cautious behavior. Implementing devices like air purification systems contributes to the disinfection of the workplace.

Work Better with DOCOMO’s Business Technology

DOCOMO PACIFIC provides residents and businesses of Guam and the CMNI with the best smart solutions and mobile, internet, TV and phone plans. Because running a small business requires more than simply bringing in revenue, we provide business technology to ensure you cover all the bases, from a safe working environment to task management and more.

To get started on building a full-scale solution tailored to your business needs, take a look at our Business Bundles+ today! 

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