Wi-Fi is no longer simply a technology, but rather a necessity for businesses and people to function. And yet, many companies do not prioritize simple solutions to connectivity issues that ensure their customers receive the best service possible.

That’s where Managed Wi-Fi comes in. 

Managed Wi-Fi is a business solution that enables businesses to use third-party vendors to take care of designing, procuring, installing, maintaining, monitoring and upgrading their Wi-Fi network. 

But how did Managed Wi-Fi come about? What did it replace? And — most importantly — what are the benefits? We will answer those questions and more in this blog post:

What Are Managed Wi-Fi Services? 

There’s no single reason why Managed Wi-Fi emerged, but two clear developments provide insight:

  • The world is reliant on wireless internet. The global economic value of Wi-Fi is forecasted to reach $4.9 trillion by 2025, meaning more people and businesses rely on dependable connectivity.
  • Wireless options are growing. Compared to previous generations, Wi-Fi 6 brings faster throughput speeds, longer battery life and less bandwidth congestion. Managed Wi-Fi is part of the trend toward faster speeds and more reliability. 

Despite these trends and developments, many businesses worldwide still rely on traditional Wi-Fi options managed with switches, routers and other manual elements. 

The primary difference between traditional connections and Managed Wi-Fi is the foundation of support and services. Managed Wi-Fi allows the internet provider to:

  • Handle issues, answer questions and tend to services from a remote location.
  • Ensure issues are dealt with proactively without requiring a technician to be on site.
  • Gain more visibility into a business’s network.
  • Give companies customization capabilities, ensuring the network meets the needs of the workplace.
  • Offload the burden of router management so in-house IT teams can focus on core competencies.
  • Allow customers to access a single point of contact for end-to-end management.
  • Decrease investment in backup routers, maintenance and software licensing.

The Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi provides both technical and human benefits. From ensuring wireless connectivity remains fast and uninterrupted, to relieving IT departments of their most trying pain points, here’s an in-depth look at how Managed Wi-Fi benefits businesses: 

  • Better network visibility and management: Network analytics give users deep insight into network performance, security improvements and more.
  • Improved connectivity: Support teams can diagnose, troubleshoot and fix connectivity issues from a remote location. Monitoring practices help reduce downtime.
  • Optimized productivity: Downtime results in drops in productivity and loss of revenue. Reliable connectivity helps drive revenue growth and free up time for IT teams to focus on other projects.
  • Customer self-management: User-friendly connectivity solutions allow organizations to self-monitor and evaluate performance without the on-site presence of a support team.
  • Network security: Built-in technology allows the user to monitor, prevent and proactively resolve security issues. 
  • Network customization: Network configuration allows the user to customize networking and connectivity requirements for your organization’s needs.
  • Improved operational efficiency: With less downtime, more reliability, quick troubleshooting and easy scalability, organizations can improve overall operations.
  • Streamlined support: Through easy-to-use portals and fast service, internet service providers (ISPs) can readily provide support with connectivity issues.
  • Cost efficiency: With a smaller IT department and troubleshooting solutions for managed technologies, companies benefit from a lower cost of services.
  • Reduced CapEx costs and operating expenses: CapEx costs are often significant, but they are not required with Managed Wi-Fi.

Whether you’re in the market for business or enterprise connectivity solutions, Managed Wi-Fi will empower your users to efficiently set up, manage, monitor and expand their Wi-Fi networks with minimal ISP support.  

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